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Maths Progress Support Book 3

Publication Date
October 2019

Progress with confidence

Maths Progress Support Books are part of the series that develops reasoning, fluency and problem-solving to boost students’ confidence at Key Stage 3 and give them the best preparation for progressing to GCSE study.

Support Book 3 provides scaffolding and support on key concepts for each lesson in Core Textbook 3, giving students the mathematical foundations they need to progress with confidence.

Also available in the series:

  • Core Textbooks that cover the whole KS3 curriculum with a focus on pace, linking topics and building on concepts to develop reasoning, fluency and problem-solving skills

  • Depth Books that deepen students’ understanding of key concepts for each Lesson in the Core Textbook

  • Purposeful Practice Books fully aligned to the course and based on cutting-edge approaches such as minimal variation and small steps to help students make the most of practice.

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