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Maths Progress (Second Edition – 2019)

Key Stage 3 maths is evolving, so our resources are too...  

Maths Progress (Second Edition) builds on our well-loved series, cutting-edge approaches, your feedback and more to boost students’ confidence at Key Stage 3 and give them the best preparation for progressing to GCSE study and beyond.

"The pot of gold for me, though, is ActiveLearn, an online service with cracking resources for you and your students." –John Dabell, Teach Secondary. Read the full review.

Below is just a snapshot of all that's available in the new edition of Maths Progress. Take a look at our full range.

What's different about Maths Progress (Second Edition)?

  • Textbooks and digital services that work together to give you the fullest support for planning, teaching, progress tracking and assessing students' progress across KS3 and on to GCSE
  • Shown to help KS3 students master maths with confidence with an established, UK-specific approach that draws upon global best practices and cutting-edge research
  • Tried-and-tested differentiation with a unique unit and course structure to support every student’s progress
  • Purposefully updated based on feedback from thousands of teachers and students, as well as impact studies, to make what works even better, including:
    • a single, well-paced and structured core curriculum you can use with your whole cohort
    • even more key skills-building support, problem-solving, and meaningful practice to consolidate learning, deepen understanding and forge connections between topics
    • new support to bolster students' progression to GCSE with a format that seamlessly aligns with our GCSE Maths resources, and appropriately levelled questions and updated assessments that reflect the latest GCSE (9–1) exams.

Explore the course guide to see samples and more (PDF | 6.14 MB) >

The Teacher Partner Programme

Our Maths Progress (Second Edition) resources have been created in partnership with our Teacher Partner Programme, to ensure that they really deliver what's needed.

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I want to speak to someone about the new Maths Progress. How do I do that?
Great! Just fill in a short form to let us know and a consultant will be in touch.
Can I take a closer look at the resources before I buy?
Of course! Simply request your free Evaluation Pack to see what the new Maths Progress has to offer. 
How many resources are in the series?
There's a whole range of print and digital resources available that you can choose and use to create the KS3 course that works best for you and your students

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