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What's in Maths Progress (Second Edition)?  

There's no one 'right' way to teach maths. That's why the new edition of Maths Progress is made of several components that you can choose and use to create the course that works best for you and your students. 

You can also download our course guide (PDF | 6.14 MB) to get a closer look at what the series has to offer. 

Core Textbooks – for the whole cohort

Covers of the new Core Textbooks

Our Core Textbooks follow a single, well-paced curriculum with built-in differentiation, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning so you can use them with your whole cohort.

They follow the unique unit structure that's been shown to boost confidence and support every student's progress.

Prices from £12.50


Support Books – strengthening skills and knowledge

Our Support Books provide extra scaffolding and support on key concepts for each lesson in the Core Textbook, giving students the mathematical foundations they need to progress with confidence. 

They're fully aligned to the Core Textbook and can be used at any point in a unit. 

Prices from £6.99


Covers of the Support Books

Depth Books – extending skills and knowledge

Covers of the Depth Books

Our Depth Books extend students’ understanding of key concepts, and build problem-solving skills for each lesson in the Core Textbook so students can explore key concepts to their fullest.

They're fully aligned to the Core Textbook and can be used at any point in a unit.

Prices from £6.99


ActiveLearn – your online toolkit

Our updated ActiveLearn service combines front-of-class teaching resources for the new edition of Maths Progress with online homework, videos and practice exercises, as well as planning and assessment materials.

Prices vary and are tailored to school sizes

Now including even more for measuring KS3 progress with ActiveLearn Progress & Assess

Maths Progress (Second Edition) is the only KS3 maths series to have fully aligned,
high-quality assessments with accurate built-in data reporting and a GCSE-ready approach.

With ActiveLearn Progress & Assess, you also have a whole host of assessments and measurement tools at your fingertips to help you monitor your students' progress, and predict GCSE grades with confidence should you wish to do so. 

Explore ActiveLearn Progress & Assess


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Purposeful Practice Books – a brand-new kind of practice book

Covers of the Purposeful Practice Books

Our unique Purposeful Practice Books developed with UK teachers are based on cutting-edge approaches and use minimal variation to help students make the most of practice at Key Stage 3 and GCSE.

"These are books that deliver on what the titles promise, purposefully developing a range of maths skills including reasoning, reflection and fluency, as well as boosting exam preparedness." - John Dabell, Teach Secondary

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Prices from £5.99

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