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 There are several ways you can explore Maths Progress (Second Edition) to see how it could work for you and your students.

Free Evaluation Pack | Free ActiveLearn Preview | Free Schemes of Work



Free Evaluation Pack

Our free Evaluation Pack* includes a copy of Core Textbook 1, a course guide and more to introduce you to the KS3 series that boosts students’ confidence in maths and prepares them for their next steps.

*Please note: we can send one Evaluation Pack per school in the UK only. 

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Free ActiveLearn Preview

Click to try ActiveLearn for free

So you can try out the online resources that complement the course, the free ActiveLearn preview includes:

  • our editable interactive Scheme of Work with teacher guidance and resources
  • front-of-class materials and links to online resources for Core Textbook 1, Support Book 1 and Depth Book 1
  • exclusive samples from Purposeful Practice Book 1
  • online homework activities
  • progress assessments and online tracking and reporting tools.

Simply review and agree to the Terms & Conditions page and then start exploring.



Free Schemes of Work

The Maths Progress course is based on a well-paced and structured Core Curriculum, to create a connected pathway you can use with your whole cohort. 

Our schemes of work are structured so that the Core, Support and Depth strands all follow this Core Curriculum.

Interactive Schemes of Work

We’ve created a new, digital interactive Schemes of Work for the new Maths Progress and the11-16 curriculum. Free for anyone to use, the interactive scheme of work is totally flexible so you can tailor it to what will work best for you and your students. 

You'll need to sign up for free to ActiveLearn to access the schemes of work. If you've already signed up, simply log in as normal and the interactive schemes of work will be there in the 'Plan' menu.

Access the free interactive Schemes of Work

Excel spreadsheet Schemes of Work

Note: End-of-unit, end-of-term and end-of-year assessments are included as part of the ActiveLearn Service or ActiveLearn Progress & Assess.




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