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Edexcel A level Mathematics Statistics & Mechanics Year 2 Textbook + e-book

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July 2017

Brand-new resources for Pearson Edexcel A level Mathematics

This book can be used alongside the Year 1 book to cover all the content needed for the Pearson Edexcel A level Statistics and Mechanics exam.

With over 1.3 million copies sold of the previous edition, Pearson’s textbooks are the market-leading and trusted resources for AS and A level Mathematics.

  • Fully updated to match the new specifications, with more of a focus on problem-solving and modelling as well as supporting the large data set and new calculators.
  • FREE additional online content to support independent learning, including full worked solutions for every question in the book (SolutionBank), GeoGebra interactives and support for the new calculators.
  • Includes access to an online digital edition (valid for 3 years once activated).
  • Includes worked examples with guidance, lots of exam-style questions, practice papers, and plenty of mixed and review exercises.

Customer Reviews

Martin Ginever, Head of Mathematics
More House School
11 September 2019

This series of books is essential as they form the backbone of knowledge required for the course. In general, they are quite good books but Statistics & Mechanics 2 seems to have an unacceptable number of errors in the answer pages. This is a negative experience for the students, and the answers should have been checked more thoroughly.

Simon Walker, Maths Department
Bordesley Green Girls' School
25 July 2019

This Year 2 Stats + Mechanics is excellent and provides a good coverage of the Pearson spec. Make sure you have the latest error-free version : "20 19 and 10 9 8" see page viii, just before page 1.

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