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Practice Books

The most comprehensive AS/A level practice for every topic.

Our Practice Books are brand-new additions to the market-leading and most-trusted resources for Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics to help your students get exam-ready.

  • Coverage: The practice workbooks cover all Pure, Statistics and Mechanics topics, reflecting the style of questions seen in the summer 2018 exam series. 

  • Quantity: The most A level question practice available, with over 2000 extra questions.
  • Practice at the right pace: Start with the essentials, build skills with various practice questions to make connections between topics, then apply this to exam-style questions at the end of each chapter.

  • Get exam-ready with confidence: differentiated/synoptic questions including ‘Bronze, Silver, Gold’ in each chapter, and a mixed problem-solving section for each book, will guide and motivate your students to develop the skills they need for the exams.

  • Designed to be used flexibly, the practice books are fully mapped to the scheme of work and textbooks so you and your students can use them seamlessly in and out of the classroom and all year round. Use them lesson by lesson, topic by topic, for homework, revision and more - the choice is yours.

  • Great value practice materials that are cheaper than photocopying, saves more time than independently sourcing questions and answers, and are all in one place.

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