Métro Électro offers a varied and stimulating addition to the [Métro] course. Like the book, the ICT components are divided into two parts, “Rouge” and “Vert” to cater for pupils of all abilities. The most striking aspect is the sheer volume and variety of the tasks. They mirror the modules of the course book, so that they can be usefully employed at any stage of the teaching of a module, and the integration of graphics and sound means that pupils are effectively practising several skills simultaneously, rather than moving from one skill to another. Pupils can work at their own pace, and the soundtracks can be paused and rewound to give the pupils more opportunity to listen. The exercises can be used in a ready-made sequence, or in a sequence customised by a teacher with specific objectives or limited time to spend in the computer room. Navigation is straightforward, and pupils have the option of checking their own work at the end of each exercise. Record-keeping can also be done electronically, matching marks against the register of pupils: marks are available to teacher and pupils alike. The user manual is clearly written and contains details of the various ways in which the modules may be used. It is written with teachers in mind, and technical information is kept to a minimum.
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