Métro Electro 2 Pupil Activity Package This exciting interactive ICT package designed for Year 8 is divided into red/green strands corresponding to Métro 2 Pupil Books. Each module contains sequences of activities for the first and second half of the module and extension activities in all four skills to help pupils practise and consolidate language learned in class. The colourfully visual activities are easy to navigate, most at the click of the mouse. Listening and reading tasks are particularly impressive: the soundtrack is clear, instructions have roll-over English translations and pupils can work independently at their own pace, pausing and re-playing. Listening tasks include reacting to what is heard by matching up questions/ answers, joining correct images or dragging and dropping phrases/ pictures in the correct box. Reading tasks are often linked to the listening, thus reinforcing correct pronunciation and intonation whilst linking directly with the written word. Best of all, pupils receive immediate feedback with a score, the facility to re-try or to find out correct answers, with applause for full marks! Informal speaking practice is built in with the option to record if microphones are available. Writing tasks are more open-ended with visuals and a list of prompts for guidance. Each screen contains links to bilingual glossaries (excellent click-on-the-word to hear it facility) and a grammar reference covering 20 topics, all clearly explained with colourful pictures and colour coding. Traditional grammar exercises become fun, dragging the correct part of the verb into sentences and re-ordering translations. Activities are fun, yet challenging, and an excellent way to consolidate vocabulary and structures as well as developing the four skills.
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