"An attractive, colourful and clearly laid out resource. Chapters are subdivided into distinctive double-page spreads, making it easy to follow what's going on. Activities are indciated by a colour-coded symbol denoting the attainment target. Illustrations consist of line drawings, cartoons and a few photos for authentic colour. "The recordings are clear and the content is exploited in a variety of ways, including pronunciation practice. Pupil workbooks containing reading and writing exercises come in two differentiated versions. The Resource and Assessment File with CD-ROM provides assessment materials and worksheets focusing on vocabulary, skills and grammar. For books 1 and 2 there are single-sided flashcards and ICT Activities for German. "Logo! covers a lot of ground in a lively accessible way and learning objectives are clear. Grammar is built up layer upon layer and is thoroughly practised and regularly recycled. Pairwork encourages students to ask as well as answer questions. For teacher-led activities, instructions are issued in German, and English translations appear only on exercises designed for independent study. Books 1 and 2 offer imaginative differentiated activities and book 3 splits into two parallel versions. "The teacher's book gives a clear overview of the various course components and the CD-ROM allows you to customise worksheets. Support for students includeds varied supplementary activities, comprehensive vocabulary lists and attractively presented grammar section with exercises. Revision pages and mintests encourage students to measure their own progress. Formal assessment across the four skills in provided at the end of each chapter and book. "The combination of entertaining activities, a structured approach and lots of support for teachers make this a winner. It also scores highly on ease of use and organisation." Alison Thomas, TES, 12 September 2003.
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