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Build key language skills at KS3 for GCSE success

We've added even more practice for GCSE-style tasks to ¡Viva! Segunda edición for KS3 Spanish, including authentic and literary texts, role-play, picture based tasks and translations. ¡Viva! Segunda edición provides rich cultural content and strong grammatical progression for your KS3 pupils.

Why is ¡Viva! the UK’s most popular course for KS3 Spanish?

  • Right from the start, ¡Viva! gives your pupils a real taste of Spanish culture, with engaging resources that bring language learning to life.
  • Our proven approach to differentiation, in both our print and digital resources, enables pupils of all abilities to progress. 
  • Grammar practice builds on logical progression and promotes a strong grasp of grammatical concepts. 
  • ¡Viva! helps pupils to establish good Spanish pronunciation and spelling, as key sounds of Spanish are introduced using phonics.

What’s in ¡Viva! Segunda edición?

  • New ¡Adelante! units pool and combine language from the module, helping pupils to produce higher level language.
  • New quiz-style ‘Repaso’ revision pages to help prepare pupils for end-of-module assessments. 
  • Updated Assessment Packs to prepare pupils for progression to GCSE with GCSE-style tasks across all skills with an increased focus on Grammar and Translation.
  •  ¡Adelante! pages in the Workbooks and new skills worksheets in the ActiveLearn front-of-class resources work seamlessly with the new content in the Pupil Book to build skills towards GCSE

¡Viva! Segunda edición provides a seamless progression to our ¡Viva! GCSE resources for both the Pearson Edexcel and AQA GCSE (9–1) Spanish qualifications. 



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Pupil Books


Pupil Books and Active Books available



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Helping you meet the demands of the new Ofsted framework

We've created a guide to show you how ¡Viva! segunda edición helps you meet the demands of the new framework.

We've also created a curriculum sequencing map which helps show why we've ordered the content of ¡Viva! segunda edición as we have and how knowledge and skills are revised and recycled to build on what has been taught before.

Download your guide (Word 239KB) and sequencing map (PDF 110KB).

What’s are the authors of ¡Viva! Segunda edición saying about the new edition?

Download our PDF to see what our authors are saying (PDF 380KB) 



New Assessment Builder


Now available for KS3 French and KS3 Spanish

  • Create your own classroom assessments from our bank of questions written and validated by Pearson’s assessment experts.

This easy-to-use functionality works with all the assessment content available in your ActiveLearn or Progress and Assess subscription.   >Find out more.


Support 11-16 progression with ActiveLearn

¡Viva! Segunda edición is fully integrated with ActiveLearn, the UK’s no.1 online language learning service in schools.

Our ActiveLearn service combines engaging front-of-class teaching resources with online homework and practice exercises, as well as planning and assessment materials to help monitor your pupils’ progress. 

What's ActiveLearn for KS3 Spanish? Download our PDF to see the contents list. (PDF, 190KB)



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