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Art Matters 11-14 Student Book

Art Matters 11-14 Student Book

Publication Date
June 2017

The ready-to-use resource for delivering Art at Key Stage 3

The Art Matters 11-14 Pupil Book:

  • Contains full-colour stimulus material from a range of styles and cultural traditions which pupils can use for inspiration and comparison.

  • Takes a project-based approach to ensure full coverage of the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3.
  • Contains clear examples of techniques and plenty of examples of pupil's actual work to give your pupils ideas.

Contents Listing



Year 7


1          Tone andform            


2          Line andlinear drawing          


3          Colour 


4          Ceramic fish    


5          Ears andeyes  


6          Papersculpture            


Year 8


1          Knots andropes          


2          Flight   


3          Reflections      


4          Tile sets           


5          Fruitcross-sections     


6          Viewpoints      


Year 9


1          Masks  


2          Insects 


3          Tone andlandscape    



Customer Reviews

Julie Cowdy, Educational Trainer - JCo Educational Training
13 July 2004

As an educational trainer I recommend 'Art Matters 11-14' and 'Examining Art & Design for GCSE' to the teachers on all my courses. I enjoyed using these books myself when I was a teacher of art, and the pupils seemed to consider Art as a 'proper' subject when they had a text book!

S A Deamer, Art Teacher, Northwood College, Middlesex
19 December 2003


Miss K Oldroyd, Head of Art, Bartholemew School
19 December 2003

I'm impressed with the information, layout and visuals.

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