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Tutor testimonials - English Language

Tutors' Guild English Language GCSE Grades 5-9 tutor pack 

"This tutor pack, for English GCSE, is extremely useful. There is close mapping throughout to the Assessment Objectives and there is a tight focus on the exact nature of the questions on the two papers. Any tutor using this guide will find that their preparation and planning will be significantly reduced. 

Alongside the suggested activities, there are time suggestions for each section. This is invaluable because when you're absorbed in teaching, the time element is easily forgotten. Students must be aware of the time pressures in their exam practice work, as timing is key in the exam itself. There is also an awareness of how many marks are awarded to each section, again essential, in gaining a 5-9 grade. 

The guide pays close attention to the demands of the challenging Question 5 on both papers, taking note of the essential skills, including an emphasis on the SPAG - spelling, punctuation and grammar, which is tested in the descriptive and narrative question on Paper 1 and in the non-fiction question of Paper 2. The guide accentuates the necessity of coherent, technically accurate responses along with the persuasive language and techniques required to respond to the demands of the question. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this guide for its thoroughness and it's fine detail. Having now used it a couple of times, I realise just how much time it saves. I would most certainly not wish to be without it now. In short,  I highly recommend this guide." 

Review by Ruth Owen  


"The tutor guide is a useful tool. It sets out objectives for the tutors which helps to guide the tutoring in a positive direction.  The manual is very readable and easy to navigate. It is a helpful guide to parents who have been out of education for long time. The manual allows tutors to explain to parents where the child needs help and what they can do help. The Tutor pack is so interactive that it encourages parents to learn new skills also.

The publication incorporated the essential components of The English Language from a unique angle.  The AQA English Language Pack was aimed at a younger audience. Some of the more challenging tasks take place in modern contexts. Some of the exercises use modern environments such as Facebook, which makes the task easier for the young person to grasp."

Review by Pauline Gibson  


Tutor testimonials - Maths

Tutors' Guild Maths GCSE Foundation tutor pack

"As a tutor, the main benefit for me is that the detailed Lesson Plan for each topic saves my time in preparation as I know Exactly what I need to deliver to my students and how much time I should spend on each individual learning outcome. Moreover, since each Tutors Guild is designed according to different Exam Board Specifications, this allows me to ensure every learning outcome I taught suits my student’s individual need. My students who are doing Foundation mathematics also benefit from the Pack as the lessons become more structured which allows them to follow the contents better than before.

The lessons are more fun now given the variety levels of activity choices available in the Pack. AS a tutor, I can always choose and pick activities that suit my students’ individual ability. Since using the Tutors Guild, my students are able to make better and faster progress in learning Maths because they could continue practicing various Maths challenges as homework during the week in between the lessons. 

One of the biggest challenges for Foundation level students is to apply Maths’ concepts in problem-solving. The Support & Extension Ideas Sections in the Pack become the invaluable resources for me as a Tutor to use to demonstrate the connections between those concepts with their daily life. And that allows my students to gain more confidence in solving Maths problems on their own."

Review by Louis Leung

"The Tutor's Guild pack is a good resource. For tutors, the questions it provides, as well as the online editable versions, help save time preparing materials for sessions. For each topic the pack provides suggestions on how to present the topic in an approachable manner and provides resources for assessing your students' mastery of the ideas. The pack has clear references to the syllabus so you can deliver a comprehensive cover of all the topics involved.

From a student's point of view, the pack can help tutors present ideas in new ways that can engage interest more easily and help demystify mathematics. The opening advice on getting to know your students helps build the working relationship between you so that sessions are more productive more quickly."

Review by Andrew Murphy

Tutor Testimonials - Science

Tutors' Guild Biology GCSE Foundation tutor pack

"This ‘pack’ is in the form of a ring-spine book. The price (£34.40) is a lot more than a textbook, but you get more for your money: the texts for an entire course, including current-state knowledge diagnostics, detailed lesson plans, exercises and assessment tools. The price is also offset by the online version, which means the tutor can present the exercises on screen or print out as many copies as needed.

It is thoroughly targeted to the specific course, which means you get all the topics laid out under their codes from the specification. This makes it a great tool for approaching a new specification, especially for a new tutor who needs help in planning lessons.

The lesson plans and worksheets are a good resource for any tutor, however experienced. When I first opened the parcel I was disappointed because it was a Foundation book, and all my students are taking Higher GCSEs. However, the quality of the exercises is very high, and I have used some of the questions with my current students, who found them sufficiently challenging. 

One lesson, in particular, stands out so far: the pages on the heart and circulation proved very useful, providing everything we needed for a revision session which a student suddenly announced he needed. 

All in all, well worth considering for the busy tutor."

Review by David Lee 

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