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Our ActiveLearn combines time-saving digital materials to help you plan and deliver engaging lessons for the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physical Education specification.

Available as an online *subscription, this service gives you the full Student Book on screen, embedded with a wealth of practical teaching resources, including:

  • An online version of the Student Book enabling you to zoom and project key topics or concepts
  • PowerPoint presentations to aid understanding of core content and introduce class activities
  • Editable worksheets with differentiated tasks for classwork or homework
  • Interactive knowledge-check quizzes for revision support
  • Video clips to motivate your students and stimulate discussion and debate
  • Playlists for you to use or adapt to personalise each lesson for you and your students. 


*One-year or three-year subscriptions available for the full service.

Series includes


1 x Student Book


1 x ActiveLearn Teacher Guide

(1 yr or 3 yr subscription)


1 x Active Book (eBook version of Student Book) institutional subscription - various sizes available.

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