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Progress & Assess: Measure, report and plan next steps

Our reliable progress assessments and tools help you to measure progress, formulate 9-1 grade predictions and identify intervention requirements for your students for all EBacc subjects, consistently from 11–16 (and KS5 for maths). 

Our progress assessments and markbooks can support your existing methods of measuring progress or provide a complete solution. Take a look at the video below to find out more, try our free assessments or get in touch with us to request a demonstration.



Our assessments: 

Using our experience in assessment, we’ve created formative assessments (or tests) to be used regularly at key points throughout key stage 3 and 4 to help you understand what your students already know and what they need to do to make progress. These include baseline assessments at the beginning of the key stage, end-of-topic or unit assessments, end-of-term and end-of-year. The number and timing of the assessment varies according to the subject. 

Our markbooks:

Inputting assessment results into the accompanying markbooks provides you with a view of students’ strengths and weaknesses at a student and class level. This enables you to identify where a student or whole class needs extra help, so you can focus on what they need to do to make progress. Our markbooks also provide a step grading which is mapped to an indicative grade to help you explain progress in these terms to students and parents. 

Take a look at the video to find out more about our online markbooks.

Our progression maps:

We’ve created progression maps for each EBacc subject course. The maps break down the skills and knowledge required mapped on to a 12-step progression scale to help you to measure student’s progress throughout 11-16. The 12 steps provide a measure of progress throughout KS3 and KS4 and are mapped to 9-1 indicative grades for reporting in those terms. Read more about our progression scale and maps here.

View and download our guide to Progress & Assess here.

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New: Create your own assessments with Assessment Builder (maths, science, French and Spanish)

Now you can create assessments that match your teaching, choosing questions that match the skills and topics you have covered. Plus, you can still access valuable student analysis through an auto-generated online markbook that matches your assessment.

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Try the free Assessment Builder demo here 

Follow these steps to start building your assessments:

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Hover over 'Assess' at the top of the page
  • Click on 'Assessment Builder'
  • Then click on 'Create new assessment', and name the assessment and choose the subject.

*Please note the free Assessment Builder demo is only available for KS3 Maths - more will be available soon!

New Assessment Builder

Create your own classroom assessments matched to your scheme of work.

Now available for:

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Try before you buy

Try free assessments, resources and tools to measure and report progress.

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Speak to an expert or request a demonstration to find out how our progress assessments and reports or our Assessment Builder can work for your school.

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