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Think RE - Boosting performance through the secondary strategy

Think RE! gives your pupils the perfect base for boosting their performance. This exciting course will help you successfully deliver the Key Stage 3 strategy in line with the National Framework.

Think RE!

  • Engages pupils through the Key Stage 3 strategy with exciting thinking skills activities, starters, plenaries and well-paced lessons.
  • Encourages progression using Assessment for Learning and the 8-level scale.  
  • Enriches your lessons interactively with engaging pictures, animations, voice-overs and video clips on the Interactive Presentations CD-ROM .
  • Inspires all pupils to progress and improves pupils' performance with exciting thinking skills activities, attention-grabbing starters and well-paced lessons in the Pupil Books .
  • Supports specialists and non-specialists in helping to build the best possible lessons by using the detailed lesson plans and resource sheets in the Teaching and Learning Files .
  • Makes Assessment for Learning easy with Assessment for Learning opportunities in both the Pupil Books and Teaching and Learning Files , so both you and your pupils can keep tabs on progress!

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Series Includes

  • x3 Pupil Books
  • x3 Evaluation Packs
  • x3 Teaching and Learning Files
  • x3 Interactive Presentation CD- ROMs
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