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Key Stage 3 Science Lab Books

Helping students develop practical skills at KS3, in preparation for GCSE (9–1)

Our new Lab Books for KS3 Science are a structured, supported way to help students develop key practical skills ahead of starting GCSE (9–1). The support extends to teachers, too – we provide full teacher notes and a skills mapping grid.

These Lab Books contain:

  • 12 engaging, enjoyable KS3 practicals (4 per science) designed to introduce the full range of skills required for the GCSE (9–1) Core/Required Practicals
  • a complete framework to help students perform the practicals with confidence
  • writing frames and questions to develop students' scientific skills, using  that prepares them for GCSE-style assessment
  • a Skills Grid so students can see which skills they are developing in each practical
  • a Skills Appendix that students can refer to when they need skills support
  • a low-price write-in resource that works out cheaper than photocopying (RRP only £2.00)


Using the Lab Books in a real classroom

Read the case study

Who better to test the new KS3 Science Lab Books than hands-on teachers? We asked the science team at Winchcombe School, along with their Year 7 students, to try out a class set.

Find out how they got on.


Support for teachers and technicians


A free Teacher and Technician guide is available for each Lab Book, containing complete guidance for the practicals and full answers. Download your copy from the menu to the right.

Building skills for GCSE (9–1)

These Lab Books start building the key practical skills that students will need for a seamless progression to the Pearson Edexcel or AQA GCSE (9–1) specifications, including ELC. 

To help you understand how they fit in, we've created a free Skills Mapping Grid, which you can download from the right hand menu on this page. It shows you how the 12 practicals link to the:

  • KS3 Curriculum
  • Pearson's Exploring Science: Working Scientifically
  • Pearson Edexcel's 11-16 Science Learning Pathway and GCSE (9–1) Core Practicals
  • AQA's KS3 Syllabus and GCSE (9–1) Required Practicals.

Samples and free support

Download your sample chapters and support documents:

Key Stage 3 Lab Book samples:

Pearson Edexcel KS3 Lab Book sample (PDF, 279KB)

AQA KS3 Lab Book sample (PDF, 219KB)

Student Glossary:

Glossary (PDF, 36KB)

Skills Mapping KS3 to KS4:

Skills Mapping (Excel, 110KB)

Teacher and Technician Guides - full versions:

Pearson Edexcel Guide (PDF, 443KB)

AQA Guide (PDF, 352KB)


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