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Support for skills development

Schemes of work and NEW Interactive Scheme of Work

Pearson Edexcel 11-16 learning pathway

Pearson Edexcel and AQA 11-16 mapping charts 


A quick guide to the topic activities

Exploring Science offers a range of activities for every topic. To put these at your fingertips you can access every activity, including the worksheets, from the front of class Student Book and the interactive scheme of work (iSOW).

For more information see this quick guide (PDF)


Skills support: prepare for GCSE (9–1) success from the start of Year 7 

Exploring Science: Working Scientifically can support you in providing KS3 students with an enjoyable and engaging experience of Secondary Science, while developing the knowledge and skills they'll need for a smooth transition to GCSE (9–1).

See all the support available; download the Skills Support Overview (PDF, 98 KB)  


Schemes of work

Whether you’re delivering Key Stage 3 over 2, 2.5 or 3 years, Exploring Science is designed to work with the approach that is right for your school. We’ve created a new, digital and free Interactive Scheme of Work for science – a fantastic online planning tool for KS3 and GCSE science.

Learn more about the iSOW

To support you with planning we also provide free schemes of work (Zip file, 1.12Mb).  

>Download the Scheme of Work Overview (PDF, 51Kb)


Pearson Edexcel 's 11-16 Science Learning Pathway

Our new 11-16 Science Learning Pathways contains three Big Ideas for each subject that run from Year 7 to Year 11. Under each 'Big Idea' there are interlinked topics that align with the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 programmes of study. References are made to Exploring Science and GCSE (9–1) topic resources to support your delivery. 

Take a look at the Pearson Edexcel's NEW 11-16 Science Learning Pathway 


NEW Mapping to Pearson Edexcel and AQA

Key Stage 3, Entry Level Certificates and GCSE (9–1) specifications

Exploring Science Working Scientifically has been designed to equip your students with the knowledge, maths and enquiry skills they need for success in GCSE (9–1) Sciences, whichever awarding body they are with. To show how learning progresses from KS3 to KS4 and help you with your planning, we have mapped Exploring Science topics to Pearson Edexcel's 11-16 Science Learning Pathway, Entry Level Certificates and GCSE (9–1) specifications, and to AQA's KS3 Syllabus, Entry Level Certificates and GCSE (9–1) specifications.

Mapping to Pearson Edexcel ELC and GCSE (9–1): 
Biology (PDF, 149KB), Chemistry (PDF, 111KB), and Physics (PDF, 128KB).

Mapping to Pearson Edexcel's 11-16 Science Learning Pathway:
Biology (PDF, 97KB), Chemistry (PDF, 103KB), and Physics (PDF, 96KB).

Mapping to AQA KS3 syllabus, ELC, and GCSE (9–1):
Biology (PDF, 118KB), Chemistry (PDF, 135KB), and Physics (PDF, 135KB).

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