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Get your Year 10 and 11 students back on track for GCSE Combined Science with our Catch-Up GCSE bundle packs – featuring our existing Pearson Revise Revision Guide and Workbook with a free diagnostic test and planning booklet. Designed to help students work independently or in-class, with or without tutor/teacher guidance to cover all the specification content they have missed during school closures.

You can also download the free booklet with diagnostic test, planner and matching chart, to use with revision guides and workbooks Higher here and Foundation here.

Great value - 55% schools discount

These packs are the same price as a Revision Guide and Workbook but you also get the diagnostics test and matching documents. Plus you can use code 16REVCC at the checkout to get your schools 55% discount*.

Catch-up-scienceCatch-Up Packs include:

  • straightforward diagnostic test, to help students quickly and easily identify skills and topics they need to cover, matched to a Pearson Revise Revision Guide and Workbook.
  • Pearson Revise Revision Guide with clear, concise reminders of the essential facts and key skills for all the Pearson Edexcel GCSE topics.
  • Pearson Revise Workbook with guided support, hints and practice questions to allow students to work independently and build confidence.
  • custom catch-up plan to help students plan revision and get back on track quickly.
  • A matching chart to find the relevant topics to revise in the Revision Guide and Workbook.

* Offer only available to those purchasing on a UK educational establishment account and cannot be combined with other offers.16REVCC code can be applied to GCSE Revise titles only.

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