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Edexcel AS/A level Chemistry 2015 - Homework,Practice and Support. Up to 75 users

Part of the Edexcel A level Science 2015 series

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September 2015

This subscription gives you and your students access to the Homework Practice and Support for one year. The price covers an institution using it with up to 75 students and gives access to the teacher management elements of the service. After one year you will need to renew the subscription in order for you and your students to continue using it.

The homework and practice service for A level Science provides online learning that helps support your students where they need it most. It provides independent student learning, which helps your students develop and master the core concepts and essential maths required for A level science, and checks they are securing the breadth and depth of knowledge required.

  • The Mastering exercises help students to gain a better understanding of difficult concepts in the A Level specification. They provide instant, continuous feedback and individualised learning tailored to the needs and understanding of each student.
  • The Maths exercises help students to develop a good understanding of how to apply the Maths that they do in their Maths classes to the science that they are studying.

Promote student independence

  • A personalised learning programme that enables students to work independently or guided by the teacher.
  • Students work through core subject concepts in clear, contextualised step-by-step activities allowing them to reach the correct solution without additional teacher intervention.
  • Detailed, structured activities that help students practise essential skills and knowledge, so they can progress at their own pace through every part of the question.
  • Guided hints and instant feedback that help guide students to the correct answer and understand why answers are correct or incorrect
  • Knowledge Check questions that consolidate, confirm and test knowledge throughout the course.
  • Provides a scaffolded method to work through the maths required, taking learners through three levels of each skill.
  • Effective reporting that allows you to track student progress – both at-a-glance, and in depth when required.

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