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The homework, practice and support service for A level science provides online learning that helps support your students where they need it most. It provides independent student learning, which helps your students develop and master the core concepts and essential maths required for A level Science, and checks they are securing the breadth and depth of knowledge required. This is part of our ActiveLearn.

Try a free unit of our online Homework, practice and support including maths and mastering exercises to help students struggling with the maths element of science and difficult concepts.

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To help students with the maths element of science we have created online maths exercises with automatic marking and hints and tips to help recap content. It's part of the maths and mastering exercises within the Homework, practice and support service.

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ActiveBooks are online versions of the Student Books, included free with every Student Book and hosted on our ActiveLearn site. An ActiveBook gives your students easy online access to the content in the Student Book. They can make it their own with notes, highlights and links to their wider reading.  It's perfect for supporting their course work and revision activities.  

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