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Student Books

Thinking Bigger spreads and Chapter Openers
Unique 'Thinking Bigger' spreads in the new Student Books present students with real-life material relevant to the course, and asks them to use their knowledge in a variety of situations. Chapter openers highlight the links between prior and future learning. Take a look at the samples:



An ActiveLearn digital version of the Student Book is included for free with every copy, so students can get easy online access to the content. They can make it their own with notes, highlights and links to their wider reading.  It's perfect for supporting their coursework and revision activities.  

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Homework, Practice and Support
The homework, practice and support service for A level science helps support your students where they need it most. It promotes independent student learning, helping students develop and master the core concepts and essential maths required for A level Science, while checking they are securing the breadth and depth of knowledge required.

Try a free unit of our online homework, practice and support, including maths and mastering exercises to help students struggling with the maths element of science and difficult concepts.

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Teacher Resource Packs

Student, Teacher and Technician samples from Teacher Resource Pack 1:

ActiveBooks, Teacher resource packs and Homework, Practice, and Support packs, when purchased separately, all sit within the ActiveLearn platform.

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Lab books 3 Products

Edexcel AS/A level Chemistry Lab Book

Edexcel AS/A level Chemistry Lab Book

ISBN 9781292200231

Edexcel A level Physics Lab Book

Edexcel A level Physics Lab Book

ISBN 9781292200248

Edexcel Alevel Biology Lab Book

Edexcel Alevel Biology Lab Book

ISBN 9781292200255

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