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OCR A level Science Lab Books

Supporting the development of practical skills 

Our brand-new OCR A level Lab books are designed to support students structuring their lab work and help them cover the practical requirements of the OCR A level Science courses.

With one book for each subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), these resources include:  

  • all the instructions students need to perform the Core Practicals, consistent with our A level online teaching resources  
  • time-saving, ready-made writing frames for students to record their results and reflect on their work  - ideal to track progress
  • CPAC Skills Checklists, so that students can track the practical skills they have learned, in preparation for their exams  
  • practical skills practice questions  
  • a full set of answers.

Plus, at ONLY £3.50 a copy, they are cheaper and faster than photocopying! 

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