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SNAB Online 2015

Part of the Salters-NuffieldASandAlevel BiologySNAB series

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April 2015

Developing successful independent biologists for AS, A level and beyond


Price is for an annual subscription.

To complement the Student Book, there is a dedicated website, packed with resources for both students and teachers to support teaching and learning.

For Students: Throughout the Student Book there are links that direct your students to the SNAB Online website, where they’ll find activities, interactive tutorials, and skills support to consolidate their in-class learning and develop the skills needed to progress with Biology.


For Teachers and Technicians: You’ll find invaluable resources to aid your teaching, including presentations, 3-D modelling, and all the worksheets and guidance for all the student activities including practical work. A guide on teaching each topic and forward planning is provided for those new to the course. SNAB Online also enables you to monitor students’ progress and obtain a range of helpful reports.


  • Online activities: consolidate and build learning across topics and throughout the course by providing a range of activities to support the Student Books.
  • Activities come with feedback summaries,so students and teachers can easily see areas that need more practice.
  • Maths and stats skills support gives students reference tools with which to build an understanding of maths within a biological context. Extra practice is provided through a series of interactive activities with help and feedback.
  • End of topic tests provide feedback and progress checks over the full duration of the course.
  • Student sheets, teacher and technician notes provided for all core practicals, plus additional practicals, provide further opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate practical skills.
  • Support for maths and practical skills give students reference tools with which to build an understanding of practical and mathematical application and technique within a biological context.


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