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Salters-Nuffield A level Biology Student Book 2 + ActiveBook

Part of the Salters-NuffieldASandAlevel BiologySNAB series

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December 2015


Developing successful independent biologists for AS, A level and beyond


Updated to match the new 2015 Edexcel AS and A level Biology A (Salters-Nuffield) specification, our Salters-Nuffield AS and A level Biology Student Books will help develop scientific thinking and provide your students with a deep understanding of the subject, creating confident, independent biologists.


  • An ActiveBook is included with every Student Book, giving your students easy online access to the content in the Student Book. They can make it their own with notes, highlights and links to their wider reading. Perfect for supporting revision activities.
  • Student Book 1 supports a standalone AS course and provides the first year of a two-year A level course; Student Books 1and 2 together support the full A level course.
  • A cumulative approach to learning constantly builds on what has previously been learnt.
  •  Each topic is introduced within a wider context. Concepts are revisited and developed in later topics.
  • Integrated math sand stats support directs students to online maths resources.
  • Thinking Bigger spreads require students to use knowledge in new contexts and think about connections and  develop essential assessment skills throughout course.
  • Real-life articles engage students with current biological writing and develop scientific literacy skills needed for A level and beyond.
  • Checkpoints consolidate knowledge through summarizing tasks
  • Practical activities provide opportunities for students to practise their skills and develop understanding of practical requirements.
  • Material has been updated to reflect revisions, additions and deletions to changes in the subject content.


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