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Salters Horners AS and A level Physics

Following successful use in centres around the country, our 2015 Salters Horners AS/A level Physics (SHAP) resources are the only Physics A level resources that are supported by a dedicated project team, run by the University of York Science Education Group, giving advice to SHAP teachers and technicians.

Developed in collaboration with schools, educational specialists and scientists from universities and industry, the 2015 edition of Salters Horners Advanced Physics continues to offer a context-led approach to A level physics designed to stimulate scientific interest and enquiry set in real-life contexts.

  • Student Books including ActiveBook - to promote independent learning and give your students easy online access to the content.
  • Teacher Resource Packs - designed to give maximum support for the new courses

Also available to use in conjunction with Salters  Horners AS/A level Physics:

  • Online Homework, practice and support -  to help students develop and master the core concepts and essential maths skills required for A level Science
  • Revision Guide and Workbooks - for practice and preparation

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Salters Horners AS/A level Physics 2015
(SHAP) focuses on:

Developing a deep subject understanding: SHAP uses real-life contexts to engage students and make learning relevant. Principles of physics are introduced as required in each situation, with the whole course carefully designed to develop ideas across contexts, building on ideas to consolidate and extend learning to provide a thorough understanding of the concepts that underpin physics today. Revisiting ideas in this way allows connections to be made between them, and supports a synoptic approach, particularly valuable with the changes to a linear qualification and exams at the end of the two-year course.

Understanding the core concepts and acquiring key scientific skills: A key feature of the SHAP course is that students not only develop their physics knowledge and understanding to form a solid basis for any further study in the subject but they also acquire the wider skills essential to physicists working in the 21st century. SHAP embraces an activity-based approach to teaching and learning which is supported by a wealth of resources.

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Series Includes

2x Salters Horners AS/A level Physics Student Books
2x Salters Horners AS/A level Physics Teacher and Technician Resource Packs

Also available to use in conjunction with Salters Horners AS/A level Physics:

  • Edexcel AS/A level Physics - Homework, practice and support
  • Edexcel AS/A level Physics Revision Guide and Workbook


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