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Inclusive support for all abilities:

We provide lessons with low ability support in their heart, resulting in better learner outcomes and confidence building for your students. 

Lessons are structured and scaffolded so that low ability learners can take part in the same activities and assessments as their peers but with follow up action and support appropriate for them. 

Kingdoms and domains card sort worksheet

Classification student support sheet - strengthen

Acids and alkalis student support sheet - strengthen


Support to deliver Core Practicals:

We provide a full range of support to help you to deliver the core practicals in the classroom and to prepare students for the new assessments. 

Detailed student worksheets, teacher guides and technician notes make setting up, and running, the core practicals simple and easy.

Student Book pages provide summaries of the method and sample exam-style questions to give students practice in the types of skills and analysis they will need for the assessments.

Download these worksheets to take a closer look. 

Core Practical - Using Microscopes

Core Practical - Osmosis in potato slices


Supporting the physics equations and maths skills:

The GCSE Science maths requirements are introduced through clear and consistent explanation. All terminology and approaches have been checked by Maths experts, so you can be confident you are using the explanations and language that students are familiar with. 

Equation practice paper

Understanding index and standard form


Support in exam preparation and practice:

After each unit students are given an example of a 6 mark question and answer from the unit. This builds their understanding of how to structure answers and to demonstrate their learning against the assessment criteria. 

Isotopes question and answer paper

Bonding in compounds question and answer paper


The Checkpoint teaching and learning approach:

Checkpoint will help students understand key concepts, correct any misunderstandings, and explore the subject in depth.   

The Progression check worksheet is a quick way to find out what students know at the start of a lesson. You can then re-visit the Progression check worksheet as a plenary to help students to self-assess their own progress. Before using the Strengthen worksheet to reinforce key concepts, or the Extend worksheet to apply, analyse or evaluate the learning in new contexts.

Download your worksheets and try for yourself. 

Progression check worksheet 

Strengthen worksheet

Extend worksheet 

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