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Free support for teaching the new Edexcel AS and A level Politics course.

General Election 2017 Case Study Analysis

This extended case study analysis of the 2017 General Election is designed as a key addendum to the Edexcel AS & A level Politics Student Book. It looks in-depth at the political situation in the UK in the run-up to the General Election, examines the key parties' manifestos, analyses the results and provides post-election analysis.

Key Terms, Pause and Reflect ideas and Extension activities are included throughout and an Assessment Support section at the end guides students through an A level Paper 2 exam-style question on the election. 

Key Term Glossary Presentations

These presentations support the introduction of key terms for each section of the Student Book and can be used as lesson starters and/or revision for the key terms in preparation for exams.

UK Politics: Democracy and Participation

UK Politics: Political Parties

UK Politics: Electoral Systems

UK Politics: Voting Behaviour and the Media

Core Political Ideas: Conservatism

Core Political Ideas: Liberalism

Core Political Ideas: Socialism

UK Government: The Constitution

UK Government: Parliament

UK Government: Prime Minister and the Government

UK Government: Relations between Branches

Non-core Political Ideas: Anarchism

Non-core Political Ideas: Ecologism

Non-core Political Ideas: Feminism

Non-core Political Ideas: Multiculturalism

Non-core Political Ideas: Nationalism

USA: US Constitution

USA: US Congress

USA: US Presidency

USA: Supreme Court and Civil Rights

USA: US Democracy and Participation

Global Politics: The State and Globalisation

Global Politics: Global Governance - Political and Economic

Global Politics: Global Governance - Human Rights and Environmental

Global Politics: Power and Development

Global Politics: Regionalism and the EU

Global Politics: Comparative Theories


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