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HEROES  Eg and Me 

“The beginning is one of the most intriguing starts to a book that I can remember reading, chilling and mysterious. The descriptions were so vivid that at times it felt as if I was watching a film playing in my head, the build up of tension during the scene in the headmaster's office and caretaker's cupboard is excruciating. The ending is very satisfying and takes the reader full circle." 

Sally Atkins, St Michael’s Middle School, Dorset


“A short but absorbing mystery which opens up plenty of points for discussion with students.”

Ann Clifford, Castle View Enterprise Academy, Sunderland




   Ghost Game

“A clever book that takes many aspects of a teenage boy's life and rolls it into a clever ghost story... A must read for boys and girls alike; engaging and entertaining at the same time."

Mrs Fernside, Little Lever School, Bolton





   The Death of Jude Hill


“A gripping play that encourages the reader to play 'whodunit?'... If this was a series, I would definitely read the next one!”

Lucy Wright, Guiseley School, Leeds


“An action adventure book, suitable for girls as well as boys. An interesting plot, with a cover that looks cool enough not to be embarrassing and a good range of realistic characters.”

 Mrs C Hughes, Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon




   Ski Jump


“Action packed and full of twists and turns.”

Sophie Toovey,  St Albans, Pontypool


“A play script, good for reading with a group, with a message about 'attitude'.”

 Carol Williams, The Fernwood School, Wollaton


“Bradley is a teenager with attitude, he is given a chance to redeem himself on a school ski trip to the Austrian alps. However, a chance encounter prior to the trip and a series of unfortunate coincidences leads Bradley to a life or death encounter high up in the Alps. Fast paced and gripping ... a fabulous play to read in class!” 

Christine Babbs, Liberton High School, Edinburgh





“The action was exciting and balanced with information that helped to develop the plot... My pupils have a variety of reading difficulties and they are loving this series!”

Julie Sutherland, Forrester High School, Edinburgh

“A fabulous story and so inventive!”

Christine Babbs, Liberton High School, Edinburgh




   The Perfect Enemy


 “This is the definition of a page turner, a relentlessly paced story with no pauses to take in the scenery, that manages to keep an element of suspense all the way through. It is very exciting." 

Caroline Fielding, Blackheath Bluecoat School, Blackheath





HEROES   The Demon Hunter

"Any teenager who likes gory horror films, The Mummy or Indiana Jones will take to this like a leech to a seeping wound.”

Melanie Chadwick, Benfield School, Newcastle upon Tyne


“I thought that this book was original, absolutely fantastic, very gory... One girl took the book home to read it and write her own review. Initially I had thought that the blood splattered book cover would appeal to boys rather than girls, but I was wrong.” 

Shirley Walmsley, Albany Science College, Chorley


“I read the opening chapters to a number of small groups plus some students read this independently and the majority of pupils loved the opening - especially the fact that something was coming out of the wall. Nearly all pupils were immediately engaged and many have asked if they can read on further in later lessons.” 

Vickie Tomlin, The Pingle School, Derbyshire




HEROES  Monster Island

“... full of suspense and the detailed description allowed their imaginations to run wide. ... They loved how there were lots of questions left unanswered the whole way through and we had lots of fun guessing and predicting the craziest plots! ... This book engaged the class right from the first page. We’ve never read through a text so quickly - they were dying to read more.”

Tamara Cook, Farmor's School, Gloucestershire


“A gripping horror/sci-fi adventure that will appeal to teens of both genders. There is intrigue and mystery from the outset with a prologue that throws the reader in at the deep end... There's also a handy non-fiction section at the end; great for answering the inevitable 'could that really happen?' questions. This novel would be great for engaging reluctant teen readers and those who'd 'rather watch a film' ... it has a very filmic quality to it but the storytelling is still rich and never patronises.”

Liz Plumpton, Park View School, Birmingham


 “Excellent gritty characters, emotions, courage. Superb visual images and great descriptive writing draws you in right from the first paragraph." 

Julie Smith, Harborne Academy, Birmingham




   Already Dead


“An emotional roller-coaster wrapped up in a book that boys will love... There's an interesting bit of zombie-related history and weird 'real-life' situations to finish off the book for those boys who love their facts. Fabulous!”

Amanda Quillin, Robert Mays School, Hampshire




   Blood Oath

“A real page turner which manages to put many real historical elements into a blood thirsty adventure. I liked the way the author has mixed historical fact with an emotional journey." 

Sally Atkins, St Michael’s Middle School, Dorset


“A well paced story which ties in well with the history topic of The Romans... Boys will love the constant action of the book and the jacket definitely shouts 'pick me up and read me'!”

 Sue Canty, Caedmon School, Whitby




   Chamber of Nothing

“The play is brilliant for Year 8... I have had boys arguing over who gets to read it next! Some great twists to the tale that the pupils really were surprised at ... a physical play which lends itself to some great drama activities.”

 Kate Brough, King Edward VI High School, Stafford


"The characters are funny and believable which helps to lighten the mood when it could become too spooky for some readers. The format of the play helps readers to become more involved with the characters and allows children to imagine themselves in this situation. The cliffhanger at the end was great but I wanted to know what happened next as I felt that I had got to know the characters so well and I was desperate to know how they all ended up.”

Lucy Wright, Guiseley School, Leeds



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