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ActiveTeach Set Texts

Strengthen your students' understanding of key set texts

We excited to reveal that we're introducing exciting ActiveTeach digital versions of the two most popular GCSE set texts, Of Mice and Men and An Inspector Calls , available as educational e-books for the first time!

  • Raise attainment with Grade Studio interactive activities written by Senior Examiners from all major awarding bodies to help students focus on exactly what is needed to move up through each grade.
  • Captivate the whole class with contextual images and audio recordings of key passages, alongside the text on screen.
  • Improve students’ understanding of the text with a bank of activities, notes and quizzes on character, theme, language, context and structure.
  • Facilitate whole-class close text analysis with the ActiveTeach annotation tool.
  • Make the resources your own by importing your lesson ideas and resources into the software and reordering content to suit your needs.

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Series Includes

An Inspector Calls ActiveTeach CD-ROM

Of Mice and Men ActiveTeach CD-ROM

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