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To make it easier for you to browse our titles, we've put all our Shakespeare series together for you in one place with a few handy tips to help you decide which editions are right for your students.
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Longman Literature Shakespeare (A level)  

  • Hamlet
      Includes an informative, detailed and practical introduction to Shakespeare's life, times and language.
    • Supports the text with useful notes.
  • Provides activities for before, during and after study.

Longman School Shakespeare (A level)


  • 'Think about' questions on every page that help focus students' learning.

  • Clear and appealing design and supportive notes to ensure accessibility for all students.


Heinemann Advanced Shakespeare (A level)KingLear

  • Offers accessible, yet thorough, notes and activities ideal for AS and A2 students.

  • Are set with plenty of white space on the page to allow room for student annotation.

  • Include detailed sections on social and historical context, character, language, drama structure, and theme.

  • Also include detailed plot summaries and guidance on essay writing.

New Longman Shakespeare (11-16)


  • Develops understanding of Shakespeare's plays and their language with extensive notes and activities.

  • Encourages students to read and enjoy Shakespeare's plays with photographs and actors' interpretations.

  • Contains supportive exam-style questions and coursework suggestions at the end of each act.

Heinemann Shakespeare (11-16) 

  • Varied and easy-to-use activities that help to build students' understanding of the plot, character, performance and themes

  • Romeo

    Guidance on writing about the play that helps students to develop the skills they need to improve their learning.

  • Supportive notes and summaries to help ensure students' understanding as they read the play.

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