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Accessible online GCSE revision from the assessment experts

Online revision from Pearson Revise helps schools provide GCSE students with easy access to all their revision guides, in one place!

  • 50+ eBook revision guides for every student, to access online using their school log-ins.
  • Online knowledge checks and quick quizzes to help them focus their revision.*
  • Available for Pearson Edexcel and AQA GCSE qualifications.

*Knowledge checks and quick quizzes are currently available for maths, sciences, English, history and business.

Data Privacy Statement

We have made provision for schools sharing students' email addresses with Pearson in the Terms of Use. However, we appreciate email addresses will be shared with Pearson before students access Revise Online. Therefore, we request that you inform students that their emails will be used in this way (and shared with Pearson) and refer students to Pearson's Privacy Policy which can be accessed via the Pearson Revise Online platform.

This is being requested to recognise that Pearson will obtain students' email addresses from schools before Pearson can provide transparency information and that the parties act as independent controllers (and will comply with applicable data protection laws accordingly).

As a data processor, Pearson will process information relating to teachers and pupils in accordance with the Pearson privacy notice.

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Availability:Online Product
Production date:January 2023