Tutoring Mythbusting

Since its inception in 2020, tutoring in schools has now been implemented across England. With many different options available, tutoring is now becoming mainstay in supporting students to plug learning gaps, achieve their goals and even go beyond expectations.

But there are many misconceptions around the time, effort and benefits that small-group tutoring has on both teachers and students. At Pearson Tutoring, we believe that sessions should be easy and simple to set up and that students should be able to benefit from them at a time and place that suits them.

So, we’ve looked into these misconceptions and myths and give you the low-down here on the real experiences of the tutors, students and schools we work with.

Tutoring myths

Small group work or one-on-one sessions make tailoring online tutoring sessions easy, bringing huge benefits for pupils with SEND. With the right, relaxed conditions and students, teachers, SENCOs and tutors all on the same page, pupils can thrive. Hear from pupils and their parents here.

Not at all! Many think with the set-up involved and the ongoing communication needed with the tutor, an in-person tutor is the easiest option but that’s not the case when a smooth process is in place. In fact it takes just three easy steps. Find out more here.

We know that when done well, online tutoring can and is making a difference with recent research demonstrating a 63% increase in pre- and post-tutoring sessions across all key stages and main subjects. Find out from students, teachers, tutors and parents how online tutoring has made a substantial difference here.

This is definitely not the case. Some believe that with the need for software and devices, online tutoring can be complicated, however in just two easy steps, teachers and learners can be ready! It really is a smooth, stress-free process for all. Find out how here.

Whether it’s teacher-tutor or pupil-tutor, there is a myth that due to technology and communicating through a screen, solid relationships can’t be built but as tutors, teachers and pupils will testify, this definitely isn’t the case. Find out from our tutor, how she creates solid relationships with ease each and every time here.

Tutoring does not have to cost a fortune.

With the support resources and dedicated funding now available nationwide, many schools can secure the step-up required to help more learners thrive without blowing their budgets.  

Read more on cost efficient tutoring.

Did you know that online tutoring can improve attainment for students who need it and that schools are still willing to provide it this year despite the expected losses in funding.

Read more on how high-quality online tutoring offers clear opportunities to direct essential support to the students that need it the most.

Come back soon to see which myths we review next!

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