Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Renewed focus on your KS3 curriculum?

Schools are telling us that they are refreshing their approach to KS3, with an emphasis on support and scaffolding for these crucial learning years. Across the foundational KS3 curriculum, Pearson has set the bar high with tried and trusted digital and print resources delivering inspiration alongside the best possible chance of success for all.

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Why choose Pearson?

To ensure their best chance of success, we create products and services that help engage learners, build confidence, and make learning fun and exciting. Our blended offer incorporates the use of a single digital platform, ActiveLearn, across all subjects, which allows for a consistent and straightforward approach to teaching and learning with the support of a diverse range of print resources.

Supporting the best start to secondary education

Our KS3 English, maths, science, MFL and history resources have been designed to build confidence and ensure students expand on the foundational skills of each subject to allow for progression. Already loved by thousands of teachers and learners, our tried and trusted courses bring the fun back into learning and provide a seamless transition from KS2 to KS3, as well as from KS3 to KS4.

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