BTEC Level 3 National Business Student Book 2

BTEC's own resources for BTEC Level 3 National Business - for BTEC learners.


This Student Book is written for the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National Business QCF 2010 specification.

Unit 16: Human Resource Management in Business

Unit 18: Managing a Business Event

Unit 21: Aspects of Contract and Business Law

Unit 27: Understanding Health and Safety in the Business Workplace

Unit 29: Understanding Retail

Unit 36: Starting a Small Business

Unit 37: Understanding Business Ethics

Unit 38: Business and the Economic Environment

  • This student book comprises eight optional units, giving additional unit choice for the Supplementary Award and Certificate, and enough support for students to complete the full Diploma.
  • Assessment activities in each unit give practice for grading criteria, with grading tips – written and reviewed by BTEC Level 3 National experts – to help learners achieve their potential.
  • WorkSpace case studies link each unit to real-world business decisions, helping learners to see how the theory is put into practice in industry and to relate their learning to their future careers.

John Bevan, David Dooley, John Goymer, Catherine Richards and Neil Richards

They all have a wealth of experience to their writing. The author team combines verifying, pedagogical excellence and best-selling authors to bring you a range of engaging and motivating BTEC resources for the 2010 specifications.

Part of BTEC National Business (2010)

Product details

Production date:August 2010