BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 2

Resources to accompany the new BTEC Level 3 National IT specification

This Student Book supports the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National IT QCF specification for first teaching from September 2010.
Unit 17 Project planning with IT
Unit 18 Database design
Unit 20 Client side customisation of web page
Unit 22 Developing computer games
Unit 23 Human computer interaction
Unit 28 Web production and management
Unit 29 Installing and upgrading software
Unit 30
Digital graphics and computers
Unit 31 Computer animation
Unit 42 Spreadsheet skills
  • Extensive unit coverage: Student Book 2 covers 10 optional units, giving you the breadth to tailor the course to your learners’ needs and interests, when combined with Student Book 1.
  • Functional Skills and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills are embedded in activities throughout the book.
  • Achieve your potential: Assessment activities and grading tips in each unit give your students plenty of practice to deepen their knowledge and understanding, clearly explaining what they need for Pass, Merit and Distinction, so learners can achieve their best possible grade.
  • Edexcel’s Assignment tips: Written by experts in the BTEC team, there’s invaluable unit-by-unit advice on how to get the most from your BTEC course.
  • Put yourself in the professionals’ shoes: WorkSpace case studies take your learners into the real world of work, showing them how they can apply their knowledge in a real-life context.
  • Advice from former students: showing your learners how to make their BTEC experience a stepping stone to success.


Author Team:

Karen Anderson 

An experienced teacher of ICT and Head of Department who specialises in multimedia, computer games design and eSafety.  With several books under her belt, she is also a popular speaker and workshop leader.

Jenny Phillips

Has worked as an IT professional, is an education consultant and Ofsted Inspector and has been an IT author for many years

Richard McGill

Has twenty years experience of BTEC National Diploma IT both as a lecturer and course leader. He has written BTEC unit course specifications and support materials for Edexcel as well as working as an External Verifier (EV) and Standards Verifier (SV) in the NSS process. This is Richard’s ninth computing text book.

Daniel Richardson

Currently ICT programme leader for a sixth form college and has been lecturing in sixth form and further education for several years teaching on a wide variety of BTEC National and First units.

David Atkinson-Beaumont

Works as a manager in a large FE college in the North West of England and has written QFS unit specifications for the current BTEC IT qualifications.


Allan Kaye

Has spent over 11 years as a teacher in secondary schools and FE colleges. He was responsible for the development of occupational and vocational IT at Edexcel and he currently holds the post of Stakeholder Partnerships Manager at Edexcel.  

Jenny Lawson

An experienced author and series editor of IT text books, draws on her extensive teaching and examining experiences and the many years spent in the IT software industry.

Part of BTEC National IT (2010)

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Production date:February 2011