A Level Design and Technology for Edexcel: Product Design: Graphic Products



How to use this book 
How this course is structured v
General exam advice 
Unit 1: Portfolio of Creative Skills
Summary of expectations 
Product investigation 
Product design 
Product manufacture 
Unit 2: Design and Technology in Practice
Summary of expectations 
Materials and components 
Industrial and commercial practice 
Health and safety 
Unit 2 Exam café 
Unit 3: Design for the Future
Summary of expectations 
Industrial and commercial practice 
Systems and control 
Design in context 
Unit 2 Exam café 1
Unit 4: Commercial Design
Summary of expectations 
Product design and make 
  • Written by experienced examiners and teachers to support the Edexcel specification.
  • Builds on the aspects of the current editions that teachers have told us they love - a clear match to the specification with step-by-step guidance to answering exam questions.
  • Additional exam tips, practice questions and sample answers with comments will give students the confidence to tackle all the questions that come up in the exam.
  • A wealth of classroom activities with structured guidance helps save teachers time.
  • Now in full colour to bring the subject to life and help make explanations of key concepts clearer.
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Production date:October 2008