Edexcel AS and A level Drama and Theatre ActiveBook Subscription

Inspiring Creativity and Confidence

The Edexcel AS/A Level Drama and Theatre ActiveBook is an online edition of the Student Book that can be personalised with annotations and notes, designed for independent student access anywhere, any time. The ActiveBook is also available as a printed Student Book and a Kindle edition.

Our Edexcel AS/A Level ActiveBook focuses on supporting students throughout the course in developing the skills they need for the exam component, Theatre Makers in Practice. The Activebook includes:

• guidance and activities for studying and exploring all the set texts

• introductions to set practitioners and support on developing knowledge and understanding of their methodologies

• support with analysing and evaluating live theatre productions

• guidance on responding to unseen extracts in the exam

• a Preparing for your Exam section with sample answers and commentaries for both AS and A level assessments.


Part of Edexcel AS and A level Drama and Theatre
Availability:Online Product