AQA GCSE English and English Language Student Book: Aim for an A*


This Student Book is written to support students following the AQA GCSE English and GCSE English Language specifications.

It is focussed to the requirements of the specification and provides authoritative support to help every student improve their learning.


  • Support the precise needs of each student with this grade-banded Student Book, providing specific guidance, activities and teaching on the key skills that help improve learning.
  • The Grade Studio feature gives students ongoing advice on improving their learning with a wealth of sample answers, graded answers and tips.
  • A dedicated section on the Spoken Language study, offering suggestions and activities on how to approach this new requirement.





Introduction From Peter Buckroyd 

How is the book structured? 

The AQA GCSE English and English Language specifications 

Section A Reading Introduction to Section A 

1 Read and understand texts: finding information 

2 Read and understand texts: purpose and audience 

3 Read and understand texts: argument, fact and opinion 

4 Read and understand texts: implications and assumptions 

5 Language and grammar features and their effects 

6 Presentational and structural features and their effects 

7 Collate and compare 

Section B Writing Introduction to Section B 

8 Write to communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively 

9 Organise information and ideas 

10 Use language and structure 

11 Use and adapt forms 

12 Use a range of sentence structures with accurate spelling and punctuation 

Section C Studying spoken language

Introduction to Section C 

13 Studying spoken language 

Section D Exam practice

Exam guidance 

Sample Higher tier exam paper 

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Production date:January 2010