Edexcel A2 English Language Student Book

Edexcel's resources for the new GCE English Language specification


Written by highly respected authors, this engaging Student Book offers students complete support. The book provides a progressive, unit-by-unit route through A2, using stimulating material and a range of activities to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required.

Unit 3: Language diversity and children's language development
Section A: Language diversity
Section B: Children's language development
Unit 4: English language investigation amd presentation
Section A: Approaching your coursework
Section B: Task 1
Section C: Task 2 

  • Unit-by-unit support for the latest GCE English Language specification.
  • Focused sections offer guidance and support for assessment.
  • Develops analysis and writing skills with engaging source material and stimulating activities, supporting student improved learning.
  • Provides a range of engaging extracts allowing students to experience a wide variety of texts, encouraging them to think more widely about what constitutes a text.
  • Develops students' understanding of key concepts that they will use throughout their course through an essential 'toolkit' for language which is integrated into Unit 1.
  • Clearly explains the assessment requirements for each unit and offers guidance, so students understand how they can aim for their target.


Part of Edexcel GCE in English Language 2010

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Production date:July 2009