Spelling Matters Too Student Book

Improve your students' spelling skills

  • Improves students' spelling skills through clear explanation and teaching of the key spelling rules.
  • Diagnostic tests ensure progression by identifying students' weaknesses and directing them to the appropriate teaching and practice.
  • A complete package including front-of-class interactive whiteboard activities to fully cater for the different learning styles of all your students.
  • Progression can be tracked using the bank using the self-tests provided in the Student Book and Teacher Resource File.
  • Peer and self-assessment activities enable students to measure their own progress and confidence.
  • Spelling Strategies
    Vowels and Consonants
    Prefixes and Suffixes
    Common Letter Patterns
    Common Endings
    Spelling and Puncuation
    The Spelling Challenge
    Part of Spelling Matters Too

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    Production date:May 2009