Text for Scotland: Building Excellence in Language Book 2

Building Excellence in Language


Developed specifically for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, Text for Scotland is written by a dedicated team of authors who have extensive experience of teaching in Scotland. Text for Scotland is a complete, unit-based resource for S1 and S2 that builds essential language skills, with a focus throughout on Assessment is for Learning strategies.

Text for Scotland is closely matched to the epxeriences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence 2008 so you don't need to spend time adapting resources.

  • clear outcomes and experiences stated at the start of each unit to show students what they will be learning.
  • up-to-date examples to help students identify with the material and engage them in the classroom.
  • activities which focus on acquiring key language skills.
  • self- and peer-evaluation activities, which embed Assessment is for Learning practice.
  • a clear and colourful design so your students engage with the material.


Unit 1 Communication
Unit 2 Short stories
Unit 3 Places and Perspectives
Unit 4 The language of warfare
Unit 5 Drama 
Unit 6 Persuasion  
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Production date:December 2012