Chanda's Secrets (Hardcover Educational Edition)

An uncomprimising looks at the AIDS crisis in Africa through the eyes of an engaging narrator.


Sixteen-year-old Chanda Kabelo, living in sub-Saharan Africa, knows only too well the truth behind the secret people are trying to keep hidden: that all around her people are dying because of AIDS. When her young stepsister dies, Chanda takes charge, organising the funeral for her grief-stricken mother. But Chanda remains a girl like any other, with hopes, worries and secrets of her own. Can she stay strong while helping her family to survive in the face of this tragedy?

What are the themes?

Gorwing-up, responsibility, identity, relationships, education, loyalty, honour and conflict.

Teaching points

Excellent for multicultural work, with very topical relevance. The first-person narrative is accessible to a wide range of abilities, allowing them to confront powerful issues at an appropriate level.

International Reading Association Children's Book Award.

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Product details

Production date:January 2006