Fast (Heinemann Plays)

An original play by David Grant


A group of students arrange a sponsored 24-hour fast to raise money for charity.  Two of the students, Charlie and Holly, brag that they could carry on, and in refusing to back down they end up embarking on a dangerous fast that lasts for days.  The national media picks up the story, setting up a donations hotline and spurring the two on until a story breaks that threatens to ruin everything. Played out entirely through chats in the school canteen, the script relies on the realistic and often hilarious dialogue that is David Grant’s trademark.

What’s the hook?

Snappy, comic dialogue and hugely relevant issues.

What are the themes?

Celebrity, media and friendship.

Teaching points

Perfect for reading around a classroom, full-blown performance or for close analysis as a text, this is a play about a range of important issues presented with humour and sensitivity. 

  • Realistic dialogue coupled with witty insights make this the ideal play for Key Stage 3.
  • Explores interesting topics in a way that is accessible to Key Stage 3 students.
  • Supported by back-of-book activities and free online teaching resources including lesson plans mapped to the Framework.
Part of 11–14 Collections

Product details

Production date:January 2011