Heroes (Hardcover Educational Edition)

A provocative and compelling story of a teenager determined to confront his past


When Francis Cassavant returns to his home town, his face horribly disfigured during World War II, he is tormented by memories of the conflict. People believe him to be a teenage war hero, not realising that his act of ‘heroism’ was in fact a suicide attempt. Back home, Francis has a mission – to get revenge on the youth leader he idolised, but betrayed him. And he’s prepared to do whatever it takes.

What are the themes?

Heroism, conflict, struggle against evil, guilt, forgiveness, loneliness, loyalty.

Teaching points

This short novel, with its gripping plot and engaging themes, is accessible to a wide range of abilities. Provides excellent opportunities for exploring structure and narrative viewpoint.


Part of 11–14 Collections

Product details

Production date:March 2007