Action and tongue-in-cheek humour grip even the most reluctant reader


They told fourteen-year-old Alex Rider his uncle died in a car accident, but bullet holes in the windscreen tell a different story.  Alex’s search for answers soon drags him into the deadly world of M16.  His first mission is to investigate a multi-millionaire’s plan to give Stormbreaker computers to every school in Britain; a gift which is far more sinister than it first appears…

What are the themes?

Moral dilemmas, the nature of heroism and individual vs society.

Teaching points

Exciting action sequences, convincing dialogue and cinematic imagery make Stormbreaker ideal for modelling and storyboarding.  Allows for exploration of the thriller genre and comparison work with Fleming’s James Bond.

Children's Book Award Shortlist



Part of 11–14 Collections

Product details

Production date:February 2004