The Lost (New Windmills)

Literature for life An accessible beautifully written and gripping page-turner

Jonah and Joe are best friends. One day, Jonah runs after a fire engine and is never seen again. Months go by and gradually people start to forget Jonah, except Joe, who refuses to believe he is dead. When Joe befriends a woman on an isolated farm, his life pitches into danger as he realises her terrible and terrifying secret. This page-turning thriller is great for mixed ability class study. t tackles the nature of friendship and loyalty, loss and bereavement, the relevance of alternative lifestyles, abduction and media coverage. Includes cleverly crafted allegory and rich descriptive writing. Age 11+ Free time-saving teaching resource sheets for The Lost - click on the 'Free User Support' link at the top to download. To automatically receive all the latest news on New Windmills, why not sign-up for our Heinemann Literature e-newsletter?
Shortlisted for Bolton's Children's Book of the Year.
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Production date:February 2006