Comedy, horror and thriller in one fantastic read

Fergal collects tins without labels because the contents are always a surprise. One day he makes the gruesome discovery of a finger inside one tin, and the word HELP inside another. Determined to find out what horror is behind these sinister contents, Fergal sets off on a dangerous adventure and makes a far more horrible discovery! This macabre and comic tale is told with Alex Shearer’s trademark fast pace and high suspense.
Literary Strengths:
  • Alex Shearer's trademark fast pace and high suspense
  • A heady mixture of genres
  • Multiple text forms
  • Forced child labour
  • Friendship
  • Evil adults!
Perfect for teaching!
  • Explore genre
  • Study the craft of suspense
  • Analyse writing styles that suit different purposes

Longlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Children's Book Award 2007.

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Production date:January 2007