Wolf Brother (Hardcover Educational Edition)

A tense and thrilling adventure novel which takes the reader back in time to a world of huntergatherers, tribes and unearthly superstitions


With his father's dying words ringing in his ears, Torak knows that time is running out.  Soon, the demon bear will kill again - its evil power strengthened with each slaughter.  Nothing is safe.  But Torak won't be alone in the Forest for long.  Strangers lurk between the whispering trees, eyes watching his every move. With only an orphaned wolf cub for company, Torak must keep his promise to find the Mountain.

What are the themes?

Individual vs. society, friendship, courage, loyalty, responsibility and survival.

Teaching points

Ideal for exploring descriptive writing, the novel also provides opportunities to investigate shifts in narrative perspective and vocabulary teachiniques.

 British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year Shortlist.

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Product details

Production date:January 2006