Longman School Drama: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde playscript

This compelling play makes Stevenson's classic novella accessible to students, whilst remaining faithful to the original prose


Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror story, this dramatic adaptation shows the transformation of the mild-mannered Dr Jekyll into the fiendish Mr Hyde. When Jekyll discovers a drug that can transform him, he becomes able to unleash the dark side of his nature onto the streets of Victorian London. But he soon discovers the price of his double life.

What are the themes?

The struggle between good and evil, the conscious and unconscious, family relationships, Victorian society and morality.

Teaching points

With one actor taking the roles of both Jekyll and Hyde, the play allows students to more easily understand that these characters are 'one' person. The play is suitable for use either at Key Stage 3, or to support the study of the novel at Key Stage 4.


Part of New Windmills Fiction

Product details

Production date:April 2007