Entertaining and highly original, this novel appeals strongly to all young readers


‘It’s true that you can’t buy love or happiness with money, but it is interesting to see what you can buy.’ When a bag stuffed full of ten pound notes comes hurtling out of the sky and lands at Damian’s feet, he doesn’t realise at first how hard it will be to spend it all.  And he has to spend it quickly because in seventeen days time the Euro will be introduced and it will be worthless. Damian wants to use the money to do good deeds, but his brother Anthony, with his eye for an investment has other ideas. This is a Carnegie Medal winning title.


What are the themes?

Bereavement, family, growing-up, self discovery, responsibility, relationships, social conscience and money and its power to corrupt!

Teaching points

Many opportunities for studying framework objectives relating to humour, dialogue, characterisation and openings.

Part of New Windmills Fiction

Product details

Production date:January 2005